Holy week in Sartene

In Sartene, the holy week starts with the procession of the Holy Sacrament’s brotherhood on the Palm Sunday and the blessing of the palms.Palm Sunday commemorates the entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem and his crucifixion.The holy thursday there is the procession in altars of repose.On the Good Friday, this is the time of the way of the cross in the church of the city during the afternoon, on the evening there is the mass of the passion with the worship of the cross and on the night the procession of the catenacciu (the enchained) which commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ at the Golgotha's mount with his 33 kg cross, a 14 kg chain and falls three times.On holy saturday there is the Easter vigil with the holy fire and the water.The Easter vigil is the moment of the passage from the darkness to the light.

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Marine Le Pen , president of France in 2017?

In France with around 10 % of the people who are unemployed or really poor and a wave of islamists attacks.The real question in 2017 in a country which is on the brink of the nerve crisis.Can Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the far-right and all these fears win with the National Front?

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The new conservatism of France

The new conservatism in France In 2013, the law to legalize the homosexual union and adoption enhance a new conservatism with a new movement « La Manif pour tous » (the demonstration for all) which is against the union for all and « La marche pour la vie » (walking for life) which is against abortion.

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Franciscan mexican monks in Corsica

Franciscan monks from Pisa and Tuscany started the evangelization of Corsica on the eleventh century despite very perennial pagan beliefs.Today , the convent of Saint Cosma and Damien is the last franciscan convent of the island.Franciscan monks who live in the society apply the rule of Saint Francis who advocated living according to the Gospel, asceticism and the respect of the nature.Brothers live in little communities , nowadays they come from Mexico(the most important province in the franciscan order) with the lack of vocations in Corsica.

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France a country between threat anger and mourning

In 2015 and 2016, the attacks by the islamists created a climate of threat and anger among the people.With the problem of the lawlessness in the country this created the mistrust of the policemen against the justice department.The society is so divided that it will take years to rebuild a new strong nation.

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Holy Sacrament brotherhood in Sartene

Founded in 1539, the brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament of Sartene is one of the most prominent of Corsica.This brotherhood have three main rules: the glory of god, the love of one's neighbor, and the worship of the very Holy Sacrament.They celebrate a lot of different saints like Saint Roch who is worshiped to heal the skin deceases or Saint Anthony who is worshiped to find the lost objects through processions in the city or in villages around.

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Pilgrimage of horse breeders in Lourdes

The pilgrimage begins on the saturday with a procession through the sanctuary of the horse breeders , then, there is the salute in the cave.The horse breeders make the way of the cross on the afternoon in the esplanade.And during the evening this the time of a procession in honor of Virgin Mary.On the sunday morning, there is the high mass on the square of rosary.Finally, there is the procession of the Holy Sacrament in the esplanade.

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Pilgrimage of Holy Mary Salomé and Holy Mary Jacobé in Saintes Marie de la mer

The pilgrimage begins in the church of the city with the descent and the worship of the relics of Holy Mary Jacobé and Holy Mary Salomé in the fervour.The next day there is the mass,a procession of the two saints through the city and on the sea.Finally, the relics go back in the top of the church during a spiritual communion of the faithful and the priests.

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Catenacciu procession in Good friday on Sainte Lucie de Tallano

In Sainte Lucie de Tallano, On the Good Friday, the red penitent (who represents Jesus Christ) surrounded by roman guards and members of the Saint Francis brotherhood and helped by Simon of Cyrene (the white penitent) makes the procession through the city of the catenacciu (the enchained) which commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ at the Golgotha's mount with his 33 kg cross, a 14 kg chain and falls three times.

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Cult of the saints in Marseille

In Marseille, the cult of the saints is celebrated by the faithful with different saints like Saint Roch who is worshiped to heal the skin deceases or Saint Peter,the patron saint of the fishermen through processions in the city.Marseille was a very extensive seaport of the Mediterranean sea with a cosmopolitan population from Christian countries like Italy or Spain, people who arrived in the city with their rituals.

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Pilgrimage of Virgin of the snows in Corsica

Virgin Mary is solemnly worshipped since the Corsican chose her in 1735 to protect them.The holiday of Virgin Mary of the Snows, begins with visitors who light candles, then , there is the procession and the mass in the woods. Every year on Aug. 5, Corsicans of the island and from France pray virgin Mary of the Snows at Bavella Pass, and share a moment of worship and punishment.

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The cult of Virgin Mary in Marseille

The cult of Virgin Mary begins for the holiday of candlemas with faithful light on green candles in honor of the Virgin Mary’s confessions. This holiday celebrates the presentation of the child Jesus, Jesus' first entry into the temple and the Virgin Mary's purification.This cult continues the day before the assumption of Virgin Mary in the sanctuary of Our Lady of la Garde for a procession of the faithful and the priests.And the day of the Assumption there is procession through the oldest neighborhood of Europe : the basket.The assumption represents the rise up to the sky of Virgin Mary.

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Good friday procession in Bonifacio

On the Good friday, in Bonifacio Saint Bartholomew’s, the Holy Cross’, Saint Mary-Magdala’s and Saint Erasmus (patron saint of the fishermen) brotherhoods turn through the city during a procession which commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ at the Golgotha's mount with his 33 kg cross, a 14 kg chain and falls three times.

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Holy thursday procession in Bonifacio

On the Holy thursday, in Bonifacio, Saint Bartholomew’s, the Holy Cross’ and Saint Mary-Magdala’s brotherhoods turn through the city during a procession in altars of repose. The holy week in Corsica is a spiritual communion between the faithful and their faith

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Daily life of cistercian monks

In 1098, the Citeaux abbey was founded(mother house of the cistercian order) by benedictine monks from the Molesme abbey in Cote d’Or with the desire to come back to a strict application of the rule of Saint Benedict who emphasizes strongly on the life in community for brothers or the duty to earn a living by manual work(nowadays monks still make their own cheese).In 1112, the future Saint Bernard arrived in the abbey who opened 350 cistercian abbeys in Europe until his death in 1153.The expansion carried on until the french revolution.At this era monks were chased away and the abbey was dismantled. From 1898, monastic communities come from France sent swarms of monks to resettle the abbey. Today , there is a community of 37 monks in Citeaux belongs to the order of the Cistercian monks of the strict Observance who are the trappists monks.Their life is punctuated by 7 prayers in community , work and spiritual readings.

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