The new conservatism of France

The new conservatism in France In 2013, the law to legalize the homosexual union and adoption enhance a new conservatism with a new movement « La Manif pour tous » (the demonstration for all) which is against the union for all and « La marche pour la vie » (walking for life) which is against abortion.

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Franciscan mexican monks in Corsica

Franciscan monks from Pisa and Tuscany started the evangelization of Corsica on the eleventh century despite very perennial pagan beliefs.Today , the convent of Saint Cosma and Damien is the last franciscan convent of the island.Franciscan monks who live in the society apply the rule of Saint Francis who advocated living according to the Gospel, asceticism and the respect of the nature.Brothers live in little communities , nowadays they come from Mexico(the most important province in the franciscan order) with the lack of vocations in Corsica.

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Daily life of cistercian monks

In 1098, the Citeaux abbey was founded(mother house of the cistercian order) by benedictine monks from the Molesme abbey in Cote d’Or with the desire to come back to a strict application of the rule of Saint Benedict who emphasizes strongly on the life in community for brothers or the duty to earn a living by manual work(nowadays monks still make their own cheese).In 1112, the future Saint Bernard arrived in the abbey who opened 350 cistercian abbeys in Europe until his death in 1153.The expansion carried on until the french revolution.At this era monks were chased away and the abbey was dismantled. From 1898, monastic communities come from France sent swarms of monks to resettle the abbey. Today , there is a community of 37 monks in Citeaux belongs to the order of the Cistercian monks of the strict Observance who are the trappists monks.Their life is punctuated by 7 prayers in community , work and spiritual readings.

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