Damien Alitti is a photojournalist based near Marseille, in the southeast of France.He is distributed by PolarisImages.

Damien works on reports dealing with the rise of the National Front in France.Also on terrorism with the mourning of the families , the fear of the people and the anger of the policemen without means.Likewise, conservatism in France with stories about the french movement « La Manif pour tous » (the demonstration for all) against surrogacy and homosexual marriage.Also religion and spiritual issues such as Rituals of brotherhoods, Daily life of monks or Worship of Virgin Mary.

Damien is available for reporting or portraits assignments.

Damien reports for magazines and daily news like Le Figaro Magazine, La Croix or Le Pelerin…

Damien was a finalist in 2010 at the Scoop d’Angers contest for his report about daily life of cistercian monks.

After 2 years on the photographic school ETPA in Toulouse, Damien was admitted for the training in photojournalism on the EMI-CFD school in Paris in 2009-2010.

2018 : Holyweek in Calvi

2017 :Marine Le Pen president of France in 2017?

Holyweek in Sartene

2016 :France : a country between mourning, threat and anger

Demonstration of policemen against lawlessness in Marseille

Christmas in Alsace

Catenacciu (the enchained) procession in Sainte Lucie de Tallano

Holy Friday procession in Bonifacio

Holy Thursday procession in Bonifacio

2015 : Cults of the saints in Marseille

Ordinations in Marseille

Holyweek in Marseille

2014/2015 : The Cult of Virgin Mary in Marseille

Faith and culture in Provence

2014 : Pilgrimage of Horse breeders in Lourdes

2013/2014 : Virgin Maries pilgrimage in Camargue

2013 : Franciscan mexican monks in Corsica

Rituals of a penitential brotherhood in Corsica

Our Lady of the snows pilgrimage in Corsica